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For questions regarding boat search, boat brokerage, consulting and how we can assist in your boat, car or shipping needs, just contact by email or call us and we will be happy to assist you to discuss specific needs for your boat , marine parts, or provide you with information about our Services, Shipping Network or Cooperate Brokers and Cargo Agency please contact our sales team

Company Profile
We are Your a Boat Shipping Partner

Global Maritime Marketing Group LLC is a Broker and Consulting Agency providing information about boat search, marine engines and parts , boat shipping ,land transportation, marine equipment or anything else you need with your boating. We cooperate with international boat dealers, boat brokers and shipping network providing the highest possible customer service and the most accurate information about boating and maritime shipping with most comprehensive network Worldwide with local, regional and international capabilities through its Team of experienced Licensed service professionals Worldwide offering industry-leading experts in boat search and shipping. The Global Maritime Marketing Group LLC is a privately-held Company with offices in the US and Europe. Providing knowledge and expertise in Global Maritime Market with Internet Marketing Tools .The Company goal is provide and develop accurate focus, tools and resources required to meet the European and Global Markets for Pre-owned Pleasure Craft, Marine Parts, Engines and Commercial Vessels

                        President  and  Co-founder

                               Johan Iwanowski



For More information Email :

Phone: 1 . 609. 276.1509

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