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Boat Shipping in Container

Boat Shipping in Container:

Marine vessels that are small enough can be loaded into a standard 20ft or 40ft shipping container and transported the same as any other container .

maximum Boat size can not be longer then 24ft and no  wider then 8.6ft. Boat Shipping in Container is the most convenient and cheap way of international transportation for small boats, personal watercraft,marine engines and parts.

Shipping  Method Roll On Roll Off

Roll On / Roll Off.  Shipping Method:

This method is the most common form of logistics for bigger boats are towed into the ship and stored below or upper  deck, boat must be placed on trailer .This method is offered for vessel will not fit in the container. All vessels are driven on to the ship using the ships  loading ramp.Roll On/ Roll Off method is the most cost effective solution for ovesize Maritime Cargo


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